New test : American Stafforshire Terrier - Polyneuropathy and juvenile laryngeal paralysis

Thanks to the recruitment of dozens of infected dogs in France and abroad, as well as several years of research (since 2016), in collaboration with the University of Missouri (USA) and the Veterinary School of Alfort (France), we were able to participate in the discovery of a new mutation at the American Staffordshire Terrier!!

This mutation (ALPP) is responsible for a neurological disease, polyneuropathy that is almost systematically associated with juvenile laryngeal paralysis.

The first symptoms can appear as early as 3 months and are usually manifested by respiratory impairment (presence of noises) and a modification of the bark. The ataxic approach (loss of movement coordination) usually occurs a few months to a few years later.

Detailed symptoms :Progressive intolerance to exercise, loss of coordination of movements especially in the hindquarters, progressive atrophy of muscles to the point of the animal being unable to carry its own weight, laryngeal paralysis manifested by laboured breathing (sounds can be heard) and altered barking (dysphonia), vomiting and swallowing difficulties.

In some cases, the symptoms may remain stable or even improve while retaining episodes of ataxia and swallowing difficulties; these dogs seem to maintain an almost normal life.

Moreover, thanks to the genotyping of a large number of Amstaff not related and represented all over Europe, we were able to estimate a frequency of 8% carriers in Europe.

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ALPP test is also available as a unit test 

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