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Dog Genetic Check-Up

A complete genetic analysis of your dog to evaluate its risk of developing a genetic disease and to find out its genetic status before reproduction

ANTAGENE gives you a complete genetic check-up by analyzing your dog’s DNA from a cheek swab


There are two main solutions for detecting or diagnosing dog genetic diseases: Dog Genetic Check-Up and DNA Tests

Screening for these diseases contributes to the well-being and health of your dog, whether it is a companion or a breeding animal

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Thanks to genetic tests, you can quickly detect genetic diseases affecting your cat and take care of its health

Discover the DNA tests available in your cat’s breed


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Genetic disease screening, such as physical and behavioural qualities, helps in the selection of horses

ANTAGENE offers a whole range of genetic tests for horses

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Genetics is an essential tool for the preservation of biodiversity and its good management.

Several genetic analyses are available for all species

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