This is us !

ANTAGENE is a laboratory specializing in DNA technologies and a major player in Europe in the field of genetic analysis of animals.

Man has a responsibility towards animals and the environment. For 20 years, ANTAGENE has been developing new genetic tools to improve animal health and the preservation of biodiversity.


Our activities

To accompany breeders of dogs, cats and horses in their selection work on the one hand and to support managers of natural spaces and biodiversity on the other hand, we develop and sell genetic analyses for :

• prevention and diagnosis of genetic diseases
• selection of breeding animals
• biodiversity and wildlife management

The laboratory

A 500 m2 laboratory was installed in 2012 at La Tour de Salvagny (Rhône) with the most modern facilities and equipment to ensure large volumes of genetic analyses while guaranteeing a very high quality.

Our laboratory has been designed and configured to avoid the risk of cross-contamination between the samples analysed and to guarantee the traceability and quality of the results produced.

The quality approach of ANTAGENE results in:

• More than 99% reliability in results
• Clear traceability from order to results
• Continuous improvement of delays
• Exact technical and scientific data
• The quality of its services.




ANTAGENE is a human-sized company with approximately 24 employees. Our teams are on hand to guarantee you a quality and close service.